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Shawbury Parish Council Website

Shawbury Parish Council

Parish and Town councils should by now be adhering to the Information Commissioner’s Model publication Scheme for providing information to the residents of your parish or town.
The deadline was 1st January 2009.

Interactive Informatic Services Limited has produced a SOLUTION that helps provide the information in an acceptable fashion and therefore fulfilling the criteria stipulated in the Model Publication Scheme.

More Detail >>Date Added: 29 April 2009

Independent Safety Consultants Association Website

Independent Safety Consultants Association

A directory web site for ISCA members. The web site has been designed with several features that can be used on any other organisation members web site.

More Detail >>Date Added: 17 November 2008

CompCare Compressed Air Website

CompCare Compressed Air

Website developed for advertising the services offered by CompCare compressed Air

More Detail >>Date Added: 17 October 2008

North Shropshire & Oswestry Business Directory Website

North Shropshire & Oswestry Business Directory

The North Shropshire and Oswestry Online Business Directory has been developed to help local businesses reach as many potential customers and suppliers as possible.

More Detail >>Date Added: 01 August 2008

Shropshire Hills Buy Local Website

Shropshire Hills Buy Local

The Shropshire Hills Buy Local web site is designed to help people buy local products and support sustainable small scale farming and businesses which contribute to conserving and enhancing the environment.

More Detail >>Date Added: 17 March 2008

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